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jeudi, 07 juillet 2005


Amen to your comments. It
really bothers me when
people hide behind their
religion as an excuse to do
evil. One would think though, that once all these "people" blew
themselves up, that
there wouldn't be any terrorists left!

Dom decided to go into work today even though most of his office stayed home. They have an office right by where the bus was hit and they can't get into it so Dom and his team had to make a contingency plan for next week. I had a meeting in Soho and have to say my heart was thumping when I got on the tube. Everyone was reading Metro or the Eveneing Standard with horrific images across the pages and the personal stories beginning to emerge - people still looking for relatives. The train slowed at Kings Cross even though the doors didn't open and everyone was silent. You could feel that people were thinking about what happened and about the bodies that are still in that tunnel.

London is one of the few places in this country where we really do live happily, side by side with all races and faiths. Most of us, like me are immigrants or second generation immigrants. Its just so sad to see this happen in London but as Londoners we cannot give in. We must carry on and show that we won't be intimidated by these extremists.

Love and peace,


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